What is Social Bookmarking?


What is Social Bookmarking?

To increase Web Presence or promotion of your website, Social Bookmarking is an important tool. In SEO, to increase backlinks, Social Bookmarking is a great idea. In Social Bookmarking, we share links to our website on different social engines. 

Social Bookmark is like a link, which is read by different people on social sites and also people share this link. With this, we share our link in more website in a very few time. We share our bookmark public manner so everyone can read and share it.

Before performing Social Bookmarking, follow some tips:

  • Find High DA Rank Social Bookmarking Site
  • Always Write Different title for blog post
  • Always write unique Description
  • Add Relevance Tag
  • Match No Follow and Do Follow Link
  • Beware of more links from one Domain
  • Get More Back Links in Limited Time Period

Find High DA Rank Social Bookmarking Site:

Before Submitting your website link on Social Bookmarking websites, first, check the domain age of the social bookmarking site. So you may get Quality Back Links fro those sites. 

Always Write a Different title for the blog post:

A title is an important thing in the Social Bookmarking. Always write a specific title for all blog post with the anchor tag. Otherwise, it affects the negative impact of your SEO. 

Always write unique Description:

Always write the Unique description for a post. Because unique bookmark is better than as compared to more number of duplicate bookmarks.

Add Relevance Tag:

If two or more post bookmarks are related to the same topic then add more relevance tags with other. By doing this, you getting more traffic in your blog. Tags are not Keywords. So don’t add more tags. 

Match No Follow and Do Follow Link:

Some Social Bookmarking sites give Do Follow Links and Some are giving No Follow Links. We know that Do Follow Links has more importance for SEO. But this is not a right thing. Both DO and NO Follow Links are same importance for SEO.

Beware of more links from one Domain:

Always keep one thing in mind, One domain provides only one Social Bookmark Link. Either we submit more links from one domain.

Get More BackLinks in Limited Time Period:

Google tracks your backlinks. Always get backlinks in limited time period means make backlinks periodic manner. Suppose you get the number of backlinks in one week and next week you do not get the backlink. So this is not a good thing for SEO.









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