What is Social Media Optimization?


What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization plays an important role in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Social Media has a great impact on SEO blog or website. It is also known as Seach Marketing Optimization. Social Media has a great impact,  to increase the bulk amount of traffic on your website. Through this, you can promote your product, market strategy, business and website visitors. In Today worlds, Everyone uses Social Sites. 

To promote the E-Commerce websites, Social Media is a great tool. We promote our product via the Social channel such as:




Instagram etc.

 The main goal of SMO is to create a Good Quality Online content and design eye-catching text of images, so more and more people engage with the website and share our weblink with their social media contacts and friends. Examples of Social Media Engagement are “like or share your content, rewriting, retweeting “.

Rules of SMO:

To increase more and more Link ability.

Make Inbound Links.

Make Tagging properly.

Always write shareble content.

Build a Strategy how to get target audiance

Writing post for Users not for Search Engines.

Develop SMO Strategy.

Make SMO as a key part of Marketing Process.

Here are some of the most important techniques of SMO, we follow:

  • Adding social widgets
  • Installing social sharing buttons
  • Initiating social sign-ins
  • Starting social interaction
  • Creating shareable content
  • Sharing content regularly
  • Optimizing the social pages

Adding Social Widgets:

Adding social widgets or plugin-in your website. It enables your viewers to share content of your webpage with your firends or any social networks.

Installing social sharing buttons: 

Always add social buttons with your each post. So users does not find any problem to share their content. Place Social buttons on optimum place.

Initiating social sign-ins:

Another way to increase  more traffic or link ability, allow sign-in option while logging in. It ensures more social contacts.

Starting social interaction:

To increase social interaction, more posts write for users not  for search engines.

Creating shareable content:

Always write shareable content, you need to create eye-catching content, infographics so that more viewers attracted with your post and share easily.

Sharing content regularly:

Write Post regurlarly for your users. So users always enjoy with your content or posts.Once the content is ready, always share in more channels.

Optimizing the social pages:

Last but not the least, you need to optimize your social media profiles with proper information about your business.



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