What is Doorway Pages in SEO?


What is Doorway Pages in SEO?

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are those pages which contain least and low-quality content in a webpage. We repeat same content and improve the quality of a webpage. It is a part of Black Hat SEO and we have to avoid to use it.

Doorway Pages are designed for search engines not for human beings. Sometimes doorway pages are copied from high ranking websites. But during crawling time,  search engine detect the duplicate content and exclude it from the search engine listing.

There are some ways to Create Doorway Pages like: 

  • Meta Refresh Content
  • JavaScript and Server side Redirection
  • Using Languages.

Meta Refresh Content:   In this way, forcefully redirect the visitors to another page when a visitor clicks on any link of the website.

JavaScript and Server side Redirection:  In this way, by creating Server configuration file redirect the visitor to another link of a website.

Using Languages:  By using Perl and PHP like scripting languages, we create doorway pages.

Content Rich Doorway Pages

Content Rich Gateway is as like Doorway Pages.  It is used to gain high placement in a Search result without using Redirection.

Not a part of a good SEO strategy

If you have a site, and this site is on the Web, and you’re done your SEO homework, it eventually will be found.Every well-optimized site already has a natural entryway; which is just the main page. And, of course, (if you have more than one page) you will have an efficient navigation system that users can use to get to the rest of your site.

Avoid shortcuts

Doorway pages are tempting to use since they actually do attract both more search engine spiders and search engine users. However, search engine optimization is best viewed in the long term, and these pages are not part of a successful, long-term, search engine optimization strategy.


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