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What is Search Engine Rank?

Search Engine Rank

Search Engine Rank is relating to page rank. When you search any keyword on a search engine then its database display thousands of results in a search engine depending on page rank. A Page Rank is measured by the position of the webpage is displayed in the search engine results.

If a search engine is putting your webpage in the highest rank on a search engine results, it means your webpage is rank higher position on a search engine.

SEO is a process to design and develop a website in such a manner so that website always ranks on the first page of search engine results.


What is SEO Copy Writing?

SEO Copy Writing is a technique of writing readable content on a webpage, so that surfer easily reads content according to search terms entered on a search engine. The Purpose of SEO copywriting is to reach highly in search engines for the targeted keywords.

SEO Copywriting optimizes usually On-Page SEO elements for the targeted keywords. These include title, meta description, keywords tags, headings, and text.

The idea behind of SEO copywriting is that search engine only genuine content pages and not additional pages often that called “doorway pages” that are created for the sole purpose of achieving high rank in search engines.


What is PPC and How does it works?


PPC stands for Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click. It is a part of Online Internet Marketing Model in which each time advertiser pay to Google or Search Engine one of their ads is clicked by visitors. It is an inorganic or paid way to earn traffic on your websites. In this, advertisers buying visitors to your site.

One of the most popular forms of Pay Per click is Search Engine Advertising. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placements in a search engine Sponsored links when someone enters a keyword on the search engine and if those keywords are related to their business offering.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Advertisers can display ads for their Goods or Services on Search Engine commonly referred as a Search Engine Result Page(SERP). Advertisers can not only pay more to search engine than the competitor’s ads. Pay Per Click performed with Ad Auction.

Ad Auction is an automated process those are used by Google and other Search Engine to determine the relevance and validity of advertisements that appear on the SERPs. As its name suggests, Ad Auction is a bidding system, advertisers must bid on those terms that they want to “display” or “target” on the advertisements.

For example:

If we bid on the keyword “sap on cloud computing” then our ad might be shown on top of the search engines i.e. Google Result Page. Every time when our ad is clicked, Visitors redirect on our website and we have to pay the small fee to the Search Engine for this. The budgets of PPC Advertises may depend on the visitors clicked. PPC example

In other words, if you pay $5 for a click, but the click results in a $500 sale, then you have made a healthy profit. Pay Per Click Advertising is also called Keyword Advertising.